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Sine Theory

so i went through my frnds page after what... 22nd December I think. because the last post I had seen was of 22nd dec. The whole page was new barring that one post...and it was interesting. I also went through the QCs of past so many days. I must say it is fun to get to read them in bulk. Thats the advantage with books. You can read the whole thing in one go. And then, of course, you are dissapointed that theres nothing left to read. Happened with my Terry Pratchets mostly. The books gear up so much towards the end that they end just too soon, yet while reading the end does not seem to come early enough where all the pieces fall together!

I expect the next week to be slightly lighter, with Mom gone and BB gone. But thats hoping. That will be a good 1st workign week, which also incidentally has 6 working days and begins on a Monday.

In my IMI days I used to expound this theory which I nomenclated the Sine Theory, which I had formed some years prior to that. I still hold by it. Based on my personal first hand and second hand experience, I can say its pretty much true.

Everything in life is a Sine wave of sorts. There are highs followed by lows, and vice versa. Let us begin with activity since thats what I was talking of. spurts of actvity we say, because it comes in bursts. There is always a lull between hectic work, and we always wonder - why doesnt all the work get evenly distributed through the days??

A time of happiness and prosperity is preceeded usually by a difficult time, and tha saying is not in vain "pride comes before fall".

Even the stock market follows the trend. Countries and societies rise and fall following the Sine waves, some gradually undulating, some rather hiccupy. Right from the Indus Valley to the British colonianism to economic prowess of USA, there have been rises and falls of dynasties.

We can draw paralells in almost any sphere of life. So to say, a trend analysis.the Sine theory will never let you down.
Right from moods to instances. It applies to all, Saddam to you and me. The intensity may differ, intense highs and intense lows, or a placid deviation from the norm (x-axis).

It is a source of hope for the future, a hope that eventually things tend to balance out. That after a dreary year a better one is bound to come. The future is unknown, but we can hope for the best. We dont know afterall where in the sine curve we are placed - the bottom trough, rising, above the X-axis, or at the top. When things are going good, we hope and pray and work at maintaining status quo. At forming a new origin for the curve from where we stand, at reaching better highs.
We all afterall ideally want to go on a straight line towards infinity at a 45% angle from origin, and we work towards it.

Let us hope that at least for this year, which begins in a day or so, the year 2007, all our paths traverse the quest to upper right regions of the first quadrant in not only personal, but also professional spheres. What gauges the metrices is of course, personal choice.
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