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Vive Le Musik

Indian Music - strong, determined, earthy tones. each tone has a particular 'way' to it. melodic, varying betwen the basic tunes, in the main ranges - high or low. An art which is more of a science. Sentimental, it pulls you to face truth. reality. Actual, in-the-face melodies. Haunting because of essences, inexplicably linked to words. tangibility of moods. beats that are flat, like heartbeats, acting in the background while pumping life blood, but unobtrusively.

Western Music - flitty, elusive. A Whisper of the earthy tunes, like they are afraid of quantifying it. You have to find it. A mystery. An echo. With all the reverberations of one. Beats that are strong, resounding, holding the echos together - the skeleton. Holding the thoughts together, quantifying the impossible. Words that are almost always at variance with mood of the song. To make it plausible. To make you identify both aspects at once. A feeling more than a science. An idea more than an act.

Both beautiful yet so different. both music and yet opposite. Same 6 notes.

Sometimes a normal Indian song can get too 'heavy' for me, while a Western Classical is fun. An Indian classical will require concentration and importance. You have to LISTEN to it. with a western song, it can go on in the background. An occasional lending of ear is OK. Indian words can be too brutal, yet the saddest rock and the fiecest words from an English Rock band can elicit my feelings without pulling me to analyse everything, yet I feel both of them equally. Indian-in the face. Western-oblique.

Is this because of culture? Is this my perception? Is this the truth? Id like to think its the truth for me because of my perception, culture and every other possible socio-economic factor. Both are dear to me. Cant live without those 6 notes and those beats.

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3rd Jan, 2005 11:04 (UTC)
Isn't the term 'Western music' a little too generic? Do you mean Western classical music, or contemporary stuff-even that multi-furcates into rap, pop, rock, R&B, jazz and what have you. And even here, there are differences between American, British and other cultural forms of music.
Same way-by Indian song, do you mean classical stuff-Hindustani/Carnatic etc, or filmi music? Or Indipop? Or Indian rock, stuff like Parikrama, Indian Ocean etc? Or fusion?
Another thing-whether a particular type of music requires concentration or can go on in the background also depends on one's mood, apart from the music itself. When you're hurrying to complete some work, background music works well, so long as it doesn't try to grab your attention. (Even that won't matter, if you've heard the song seventy billion times already and are so used to it as to be able to ignore it).
At other times, one WANTS to savour each and every note and nuance, ponder the hidden meaning of the lyrics and so on.
As to the causes-'remember it is only your mind which bends'.
3rd Jan, 2005 11:57 (UTC)
What i meant
was that it dotn matter whether it be pop, reggae, rock...anything goes. Im not talking fusion here. im talking of indian music without the 'western' influence. it can be bhupen hazarika/rahman. its the culture its coming from that makes the music, not the type of music.
Today even if i hear a song ive heard a zillion times, ill still have to pay attention to it, and not let it sink in background-be it whatever type. Its compelling in Indian cassical...as i said, maybe for me. Perhaps its ignorance of the nuances of western classical that lets me allow WC to sink into b/g...and not wait for the nuances.
Same goes for any other song. Im more of an 'english' song listener than 'hindi'. unconciously ill eb listening to thw nuances of each song, no matter whether in background or not. but Hindi DEMANDS attention, hence my initial description. English on the other hand expects attention...and gets it, from my unconcius.
Do forgive me the generalisation of the terms as Im not writing a paper/thesis here. ;)
5th Jan, 2005 07:10 (UTC)
seems like a spinoff from my blog on indian movies..
5th Jan, 2005 12:41 (UTC)
Re: duh!
Hey! as a matter of fact written independently over a haze of boredom and music savin soul in office moods. nothin to do with movie blog..pliss!

BTW- i think better nomenclature would be 'European' and 'Aisan'
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