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The 100 years of your life

OK so here the 100 yr life span division I was talking about yesterday - a method to humorosly depress ppl, to show the futility of life, working etc etc. Read on. (It is more true for the average Indian life)

Let us be positive. or, negative as some would say, and assume you will live till 100. With better medicines for elderly diseases, life expectancy increasing, 100 is atually a pessimistic life span for our generation, but for ease in calculation, a round number like 100 it is.

For the first 10 yrs of your life, well, you were putty in your parents' hands. Frankly speaking you did not know what the hell was going on. You ate what they gave you, wore what was provided went to school when and where they wanted you to. Sure you tried to rebel, but you didnt know against what. So, they were incoherent years.
The next 10 years you started having an inkling of life beyond home and school, but the parental hold was pretty strong even then.
Soon after you went to college and voila! Life! but then finances were limited, most of us stay at home for college, and there are restrictions everything notwithstanding, homework, collegework and class timings are restrictive. Not to say a minimal bank balance, if any. Theres only so mcuh you can do as your heart desires in these times.

So there go the first 25 yrs of your life. You have 75 years left of your life.

Then you start working.
At last you think, you have life to live for yourself. Sure, you toil away in office all day long but the nights are yours right? Wrong.

Before you know it, either you are in love or your parents are after you, a "settled, well earning bachelor", to marry. And soon you are married.

Now lets go back to the last few years of your survival. Because survival it is. Face it. You are going to be ill and dependant in the final years of your life. You wont be able to party, dance, drink, hell, you wont be able to speak coherently, or walk with confidence or drive! Youll be lucky if you have all your teeth in place, and glasses which can help you read properly. So, well, the last few years of your life you may be comfortable and all that (depending on the investment you do in your younger life), but you wont be really, having the "time of your life".
Shave off last 20-25 yrs then.

How much do we have left? First 25, last 25, total of 50. Now you have 50 years of your life to "live it up" really, where you will be coherent and in-charge of your life. Right? Ok. Lets move on.

So where were we? Yeah you got married. Most of us will have kids. Lets be positive and think you will have only one child. A human being whom you will have to care for, till at least they reach college. 20 years of their life, financed and taken care of by you.
Worse than pets, you have to plan everything around them. Your hlidays, the places you will go for holidays, your decision to go partying at night and the time you will return. The worry of what to feed in the morning to which bedroom should house them, apart from their irresponsible fancies which you will for some reason want to fulfill!
There go 20 wonderful years of your life.

You are therefore left with, lets see, 50 minus 20, a meagre 30 years.

Scientists say if you sleep for 7+ hours a day on average, one-third of our lives are spent sleeping.

That leaves us with? Thats right, 10 years.

In these 10 years you have to plan your future, fend for the present and party, enjoy and fulfill your hearts' desires. My my! Busy eh? Now, how many of these 10 working yrs are you going to spend inside an office/ working? Lets be terrible optimistic and make that only 50%.
5 yrs... 5 working years, to fulfill your wishes.

Now, truly speaking, in your whole darned life, the age where you can actually, completely go no-holds barred, and want it that way and are in prime physical condition etc etc, is whats knwon as "jawani" in Hindi, or "youth", the age between 20 to 35 (max!).

Lets go back to when you got married. Wasnt it sometime around 25? Yeah.
20 onwards you were busy tying to get a career so you could get a life, then you got married.
Luckily, if you are a little intelligent, you will desist from having kids for the first 2 yrs. So, out of those crucial 5 yrs, you get to use the 2 yrs here. But, there a hitch.This is the time in your life when you are a struggling newbie in work life, and if work isnt getting you down most f the time, you dont earn enough to do all you want to, and neither do you have enough leaves to do so.

After two years or even three, if you have a kid, you can kiss goodbye to the carefree time of you life, forget optimal youth till 35! That becomes a myth.

So basically, you have 3 years sometime in your life where while making provisions to make your last 25 yrs of life comfortable, you have the opportunity to actually enjoy life.

Rather depressing eh? So, Forget the whole thing. Lets forget working, earning, providing for the future...enjoy life for the three years right now and then just go bust! or, go on, work and live the sad life. Try to squeeze in something different i your life will ya?!

PS - now you know why the parents insist on your getting married? On finishing education? It is their quest to reduce your life span rfom their radar - get your 20 years+ over and done with! Cant blame them.

PPS - now you know why life is a rabid dog  -and - the rabidity is a trickle down factor.

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