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Another (few) fan(s)

In every office it seems I manage a music convert thanks to my insistent "DJ-ing" as some call it.

I have spread Buddha Bar in my previous office and made surprising converts there. People who probably listen to nothing more than Hindi pop songs have taken BB to heart and there was a time when my CDs were ripped and listened to every morning in car - as they informed me. Infact one fellow told me he was so addicted his wife had threatened not to get into the car unless he changed the CD.

I love bringing music to the masses (sic).

In my next location I had managed to give people a liking and taste for soft rock.

Today I feel especially delighted. Sigur Ros one must agree is an acquired taste. My mom had written them off as kirtan types. Most of my frnds are luke warm towards them, either becuase they didnt really find it inspiring or didnt listen properly. However, the most serious person in this office known for his strict views and snubbing people in general for what he considers improper or dumb just called me up asking for the music. He described it as "sundar" - essentially, beautiful. I would have never expected his character to appreciate SR.

But, you never know with music.


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4th Jan, 2007 14:18 (UTC)
Forgive the taunt... But bringing Budhha Bar to the masses?? !!!!!
5th Jan, 2007 05:08 (UTC)
considering the hit "kaho na kaho" a buddha bar rip off and many such others, buddha bar is already in masses.

but yeah with sigur ros i do feel a twinge. But then my logic is - if they like and appreciate it, its fine. if they dont, they wont listen. music is for all.
8th Jan, 2007 04:30 (UTC)
JM...after staying with u for 3 years, we still have different tastes in music?
8th Jan, 2007 04:57 (UTC)
yeah M,
but you have to appreciate the knowledge you have gained ;P

And, you must remember the late night chats with BuddhaBar in background?

Some things should remain different no matter how long you stay together :)
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