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[LJ2ME] Train

Even on as short a journey as baroda to abad, two hours in a fast train, in a chair car, im surrounded by things i love. A man snoring in the row right behind me. And of course a wailin kid in the row in front of me. Amazing energy the kid has to keep wailin almost without pause all this time and i bet it was wailin before i boarded!
This is somethin that plagues not only me but almost all my frnds. Even after so many years of travellin im not used to it. No use tellin me im an indian and should be used to it by now. It just plain bugs me. I wonder at times like this if its a direct reflection of the burgeoning population of the country or is it plain bad teaching of kids by parents.
And about snorers. Ah well. What can i say about obese men who have difficulty breathing?!
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