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Music Meme - In a Movie

So BohemebelleBohemebelle posted this meme. Rather interesting, the way to do it is as follows:

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, Real Player etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button

So I did. And following are the results. No fudging. At all. Honest. Heres the soundtrack for my movie.

Opening Credits:
Iron MAiden - Hallowed be thy name

Waking Up:
Bluffmaster - Say na Say na

First Day At School:
Alanis Morisette - You live you learn

Falling In Love:
Dhoom 2: Crazy kiya re

Fight Song:
Madonna - Dont tell me

Breaking Up:
Abba - Mamma mia

Robby Williams - Millenium

Life's OK:
Aerosmith - Jaded

Mental Breakdown:
Deep Purple - Smoke on the water

Enigma - Eyes of Truth

Jazzanova - Place in between

Getting Back Together:
Tom Waits - The fall of Troy

Dido - Thank you

Birth of Child:
Neil Diamond - Hooked on a feeling

Final Battle:
Deepak Chopra - Desire

Death Scene:
Madonna - Nothing really matters

Funeral Song:
Zero7 - In the waiting line

Queen - Keep passing the open windows

Surprise at the end of the credits:
Goo Goo dolls - Iris

Fits in rather well on most counts eh? Just shows how most songs seem to fit the bill as long as your theme has something to do with love :) But my fav is Alanis on 1st day of school!

Ok, so you do it, either on my comments, or on your blog. But itll be fun. go ahead! It takes less than two minute if youre not listening to the whole song.


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24th Jan, 2007 09:30 (UTC)
Lemme give it a shot..
..based on my phone's playlist. Unfortunately, it's not very diverse, there are many songs by a few artistes.
Opening credits-
Garbage - Androgyny

Waking up
Sigur Ros - Andvari

First day at school
Massive Attack - Angel

Falling in love
Imogen Heap - Angry Angel

Fight song
Garbage - Bad Boyfriend

Breaking up
Natalie Imbruglia - Big mistake

Papa Roach - Binge

Life's OK
Garbage - Bleed like me

Mental breakdown
Blue October - Calling you

Imogen Heap - Candlelight

Lacuna Coil - Circle

Getting back together
Imogen Heap - Clear the area

Imogen Heap - Closing in

Birth of child
Lacuna Coil - Cold

Final Battle
Imogen Heap - Come here boy

Death scene
Blue October - Come in closer

Funeral song
Natalie Imbruglia - Contradictions

Blue October - Conversation via radio

Surprise at the end of credits
Garbage - Cup of coffee


Wat do u know...it does match for some of them!!

24th Jan, 2007 12:06 (UTC)
Re: Lemme give it a shot..
yeah it does. but i think mines better a match ;)

the fight song and breakiing up song match well.
24th Jan, 2007 09:51 (UTC)
heres mine
Heres the soundtrack for my movie. i am using my laptop so there are hardly 100 songs to choose from..still i like the first song! :D

Opening Credits:
Unknown Artist - Track 02

Waking Up:
Roxette - Vulnerable

First Day At School:
Scorpions - Winds of Change

Falling In Love:
Johnny Cash - In your mind

Fight Song:
Fool's Garden - Lemon Tree

Breaking Up:
Doors - The End

Temptations - My Girl

Life's OK:
Bangles - manic monday

Mental Breakdown:
Robbie Williams - Angel

Strings - Sar Kiye paar

Oasis - Lyla

Getting Back Together:
Gary puckett and the gap - Young girl

Jazz- Hello Dolly

Birth of Child:
Atif Islam - Adat

Final Battle:
JJWS - Pehla Nasha

Death Scene:
Lionel Richie - Hello

Funeral Song:
Gary moore - still got the blues

strings - najane kyun

Surprise at the end of the credits:
Green day - boulevard of broken dreams
24th Jan, 2007 12:03 (UTC)
Re: heres mine
lol birth of a child is to funny. imagine singing aadat as a father!
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