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Some arbit thoughts

Some people seem to vomit words. Not punctuated, their words run into another making a continuous stream of indistinguishable garble that emits from the mouth in an uninterupted repulsive stream. Such is the case with a co-worker, who, to top it all, speaks in high pitched Gujarati. I can readily strangle him. Thankfully for him, he is usually silent, and not many people speak to him. This is literal verbal abuse.

Still others earn the nickname "Echo" because they repeat the same sentence at least 3 times, not always in different word sequence.

Predictive text input is all very well, but predictability is not exhilerating. In some cases it is good, especially if its a lot of money on the line :D (I wouldnt want my salary to be unpredictable!). However, when with respect to people, occassional unpredicable behavior is nice, well, as long as it is not a downhill one.

Self confidence begets behavior. The more unsure you are of yourself, the louder you speak to convince someone, especially on the phone (of course when you get excited, you speak loudly too). That also does not mean you whisper.

Hanging on the line. There is nothiing worse than waiting for an outcome, indefinitely. The chase is fun as long as you know it will end, the race is fun because there is a finish line. No matter that you begin the process again. The wait is awful. Stands true for everything right from waiting for someone to turn up after the designated time has passed to waiting for the beginning of a holiday. In the latter of course, the wait seems too short once the time has come!

Dating. Glorified arranged marriage. What else can you call dating agencies who find you a mate! Isnt it better if you family acts like the agency rather than you alone and lonely looking for someone once you "are ready to commit" on the basis of input provided by that person to a third party.


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