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Attack of the Fruitflies!!

In a sealed-off air-conditioned,no-food office, what are the chances of a fruitfly attack?

High it seems.

There are innumerble Drosophila Melanogasters roaming around me and i hope my collegues empty seat all day. I feel like Im inside a glass jar, part of their experiment, as one rests on the lid of my laptop with red eyes.

Red eyed drosophilas are the best to conduct a genetic experiment with...as my freind R will confirm if asked. His complete study rests on it I think.

OK, so there are maybe 10 of them, but since there is no food around and they still are, I suspect there will be a higher multitude of them soon. They propagate like crazy.

Science lesson through, who said The probability of a low probability event occuring is high ? Not Murphy, but one of his ardent disciples Im sure.

Yippee! Tomorrows Republic Day, beginning a 3 day weekend after eons!
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