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Attack of the Fruitflies!!

In a sealed-off air-conditioned,no-food office, what are the chances of a fruitfly attack?

High it seems.

There are innumerble Drosophila Melanogasters roaming around me and i hope my collegues empty seat all day. I feel like Im inside a glass jar, part of their experiment, as one rests on the lid of my laptop with red eyes.

Red eyed drosophilas are the best to conduct a genetic experiment with...as my freind R will confirm if asked. His complete study rests on it I think.

OK, so there are maybe 10 of them, but since there is no food around and they still are, I suspect there will be a higher multitude of them soon. They propagate like crazy.

Science lesson through, who said The probability of a low probability event occuring is high ? Not Murphy, but one of his ardent disciples Im sure.

Yippee! Tomorrows Republic Day, beginning a 3 day weekend after eons!


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27th Jan, 2007 17:00 (UTC)
The bottom of this page has a very simple trap for catching the flies. This is almost identical to what we used in the genetics lab back when I was an undergraduate. When it came time for the fruit fly experiments, every teacher on the floor had one of these in their office.

The red-eyed ones are definitely cool little buggers to use, though we also had legless, wingless, and bristly varieties to crossbreed as well. One of the most entertaining experiments biology majors get to do.
30th Jan, 2007 05:38 (UTC)
yeah simple enough, but too much trouble for office. Ill just let the housekeeping take care of it.
30th Jan, 2007 03:41 (UTC)
But where did they come from?
They escaped from the mutagen testing facility on your premises? I can see the headlines- 'dippyblogs's company working on secret successor to Viagra: Mutated fruitflies on the loose'!
30th Jan, 2007 05:40 (UTC)
Re: But where did they come from?
Alas! Im not at a research center anymore.
However, this may be phase II of an bio molecule where the carrier is fruitfly and we are the unknowing innocent participants of the study.

Viagra may be a little out of line...but statins? Hell yeah!
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