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Morning times

In the auto to office today morning the reality that winters have definitely gone.

Even in the past week mornings to office meant a chill in the air, which though not terribly cold, was definitely sharp. The air was purposeful and steely, cutting through your clothes in the morning time. There would through the course of the day emerge a warm feeling, but that was the sun heating up the sedentary air, the breeze was still cold.

Today however, the atmosphere was definitely warm. There was a slight coolness in the air, but that was the residual of the night cool. Pleasant temperature air, blunt, with a hint of coolness to it does not jolt you into fresh wakefullness before a long day at work.

The office A/C starts feeling good and the morning coffee is more important wrt the coffee content, not the heat.

Wow, the British sure did leave us with one thing - the ability to yak about the weather! Now, I shall wait for my sweetened thickened milk ridden concoction these people insist on calling coffee.
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