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Choices and Decision Trees

So RexzillaRexzilla wrote about the movie Deja Vu and his corresponding thoughts - what would you change from your life? Not a very new question I agree, but it has been something to which there is an ever changing answer, if at all.

What does it show? That you either dont want to see what all you would have done differently for a probably better today, or is it that you would rather not analyse your past life at all thinking whats done is done?

Whatever the case may be, at least once in a while it may be fun to consider the actions which could have prompted a different present.

So, here goes:
1. What is the one thing in recent past (6 months or so) that you would have done differently?

2. What is the one thing in the past 4/5 years that you would rather have done some other way?

3. Think of one major event in your life for which you would have chosen different course of action, in retrospect.

Like mentioned, let us not get into causality arguments, and just see it from a 3rd person view point. it should give you a lot of thinking matter.

Now you can be absolutely true to yourself, and not post your responses, or you can be absolutely true with yourself and post your responses.

This time the choice is yours, and its not that major a one ;)

Ill think of my answers before I think about posting them.
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