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technological changes in us

While using the laptop touch pad, I found myself thinking about the tip of my forefinger being constantly used to navigate through the different documents.
Which brought me to the startling and happy thought that at least what it has done, is alleviate the symptoms of RSI/CTS. The dark mark on the underside o fmy wrist has lightened to almost invisible, and my wrist aches have definitely subsided (touch wood!)... in fact I only remember them now.

All educated indians I think will have one mark though on their hands. We have all studied using the faithful paper and pencil followed by pens. In most cases the writing instrument rested on one of our fingers. In my case, on the middle finger of my rigth hand...thereby  leaving a a mark where the pen used to rest after hours of writing. Well developed wrists and a mark on the finger - assured if you have studied and made faithful notes in calss.
The mark is much lighter now, just a dark brown spot, rather than the dark indent it was at one point of time. And to write more than two pages continuously is a painful exercise now. My wrist starts aching!

We use our hands so much, dont we? They say feet are the most ignored parts of our bodies, I wonder if hands and fingers come in next.

And to top it, these are body extremities that get lower doses of oxygenated blood... will use of computers change the body shape by evolution? Make fingers longer and easier to type and scroll through, probably develop another blood pressure builder, smaller than the heart but somewhat similar in action near the hands? Make our legs weaker and smaller for better seating and reduced movement? Make our eyes larger for better assimilation from a single webpage? Develop a film over our eyes somewhat similar to the nictitating membrane to continuously keep moisture on eye surface without blinking and save them from constant light barrage?

Interesting creatures. How many centuries I wonder?
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