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No, im not talking of "Other Backward CLasses" or "Oriental Bank of Commerce" (both for India) or the honour given to Canadian citizens here. Im talking of, very simply, Orange BC. Because I realise, thats what this is.

As I type OB in my browser, it strikes me that the colour Orange or the fruit, whichever you would like to refer to, has become so important to us, unknown to us it has sneaked into our lives and become an integral part of our day to day activities.

OB - The Orange Book, bible for pharma for US market, the site is opened by me at least once a day and usually open through the day.
OJ - the new benchmark to assess wealth of a place (honk kong is a rich place- it has the highest fresh OJ consumption in the world). What levels the humble juice can go to in modern day world.
Nect will be Organic Orange Juice I bet.

The colour orange itself had at one time been the signature colour of the era - connoting vivaciousness, sexuality, freedom, basically "Flower power" to put it in an unflattering and cliched but all-encompassing understandeable phrase.

Presently we seem to have reached the beginning of the Sci-Fi revered white and steel era. Perhaps brought on by all those scifi works where you see everything in steel and expanses of white, clean, homogenised, boring yet neat environments. Almost all you see is preferred in clean lines and white is more than often the colour of the season, houses, malls, offices, even cutlery is preferred in 'artistic' 'novel' shapes made of unadulterated steel with seamless edges.

Yet within all that, we still have Orange reigning supreme. Freud called Orange the colour for sex, (but then what dint he connote with sex?) and we still have the telecom giant Orange reigning in Europe.
People have always preffered OJ over other juices, and its influence over humans is as old as well, some of the oldest civilisations. The colour is always alleviating and energising, giving a warm glow when used as paint, interstingly the preferred wall colour of some coffee baristas. Also associated with the glow of a fire, it has been percieved homely especially by cultures with fire places.

It is interesting to note that the word Orange has come from the sanskrit word narangah, and that in Hindi and other Sanskrit based languages, the colour is as per the fruit. Not so unique for these languages maybe, but definitely for english. Especially considering you cannot extract the colour orange from an orange.
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