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Wish List (Not In Order)

Things that I would like to do when I travel to different locations. Actually, places Id like to Go to, and for what:
1. NYC - Watch a show on Broadway
2. London - to watch a Shakesperean play enacted in its original form
3. Paris - to go to Buddha Bar
4. Dallas - a topless bar / rather, a Strip joint - to participate ;)
5. Italy - to see a city with barely any concrete roads
6. South Africa - to view vast expanses of nothingness
7. Champagne - to make Wine
8. Lakshwadeep - well...what not to do here!
9. Antartic - stay in a snow hotel (hope this comes true! life is long)
10. Fantasy Island, as shown on TV (remember the show u watched as a kid? no hopes if I think logically)

Things I would like to do in general:
1. Bungee Jumping
2. Para-anything
3. Sailing (fairly simple i hear u say?)
4. A Planchet
5. wear Heels of 6 inches and not have people stare at me, or lose balance...better if stilettoes in the real sense ;)

Things I want to learn:
1. Ventriloquism
2. Tango, Tap dancing, Belly dancing, Ballet
3. Gymnastics
4. Tarot
5. Learn an instrument well (a flute maybe)
6. Many other things which I cannot remember right now.

Somethings I want to do:
1. Write a book with no obligations, with the front page dedicated to nobody.
2. Open a place (bar/restaurant/shop/whatever) where I can chill out
3. Laze around so much that I get bored of lazing around - with all possible amenitites of course!
4. Really really get rid of people I dont want to interact with, at least from my world of reference.
5. Die. and then live to understand the experience.
6. Become a scientist - biological, and work on something really interesting without time limits or anything.

Well, this is an impromptu list, will change in another mood, another place maybe, but well, this is it for now.

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7th Jan, 2005 16:55 (UTC)
Pretty cool!
Quite a zany list. Dunno if I can come up with somethin like that.
11th Jan, 2005 12:04 (UTC)
Re: Pretty cool!
Dint ever think Id come up with something like this!
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