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Udaipur and 4 months

Theres so much to write, and yet so little to tell. Or is that vice versa?

The lives of some people effect you so intrinsically, its scary. And for some others, well, perhaps it would be the flapping of a butterfly's wing somewhere in the universe, but prima facie, does not seem to effect one at all. You couldnt care less... almost. Is everything really interlinked?

So the weekend was great, revisited Udaipur, but saw the places I hadnt been to in my last visit. The last time I went it was swept under rain water. Lush, green and definitely the city of lakes it was a dazzling emerald beauty. Capturing you in the ecstacy of nature, water and Life. Enveloping you in warmth and newly-formed age-old mysteries.
This time round the rains are long gone, yet the lakes retain their waters, amidst brown mountains with purple rocky faces peeping out occassionally. The receeding winters leave a slight chill in the air, just enough for you to feel cool - a light sweater maybe. A night splattering of rain to keep spirits high and a sharp cold wind at mountain tops to keep you goose-bumpy. The greenery is patchy, but the sky is Monet-squely enchanting.
A pretty city, with the enchanting combination of water bodies amidst centuries old mountains. Not to mention the history enveloping the city and population thereof. An abode of kings since ages unkown, it houses some of the most luxurious castles found in India, which is to say quite a bit about them. For, luxury was one thing Indian kings - Rajputs, moguls or the self declared Britishers, did not compromise on. There are enough nooks and corners for you to get lost in, and enough sightseeing places to keep you busy. Right from the palaces, their glassware, the luxury cars of ages old, to the small European eateries.

Now that I have finished championing Udaipur, a mere 4 hours from Ahmedabad, I shall move on to more current things. Like my life. Finally things move ahead, and I get to meet my boss amongst other things. Long enough for me to hand him my resignation letter and isolate myself from the strategy project of importance for the company. Final outcome - should be accepted, but the terms shall be determined in the evening. Meanwhile my next suitor (company) awaits my timelines.

Dominoes, dominoes everywhere, some in the direct line, some in a paralell line so far away you dont know the preceeding ones are falling. Sometimes the big ones fall to make you realise the changes occuring everywhere.
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