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The Insect Effect

The owner of this company believes that beehives are a good omen, they predict financial gain.
Hence, no beehive made anywhere in the company is destroyed. As a result, from the 9th floor lobby, where my office is, you are treated with the sight of a huge swarm of bees building their nest and playing around outside the window everytime you wait around for the lift - which I assure you is a long wait.

This is the season that insects abound in Gujarat it seems. Everywhere you look, you can see tiny red ants busily working away. There are hair thin spiders industriously weaving nets and smller stubbier ones at unexpected corners.

As if this daily bombardment wasnt enough, yesterday I was channel surfing, and in the middle of a phone conversation paused on Nat Geo. Guess what programme started in a minute or so? Youre right! A documentary on how insects evolved and how the tiny ones help in decomposing carcasses in various landscapes. Beautiful sight assure you (sic)
Especially when you are tied down to the charger and the remote is exaclty that - at a remote location.

Today I open Wikipedia, and the photograph of the day happens to be - you guessed right! Of a citrus root weevil!

Ah insects.

Perhaps a Dirx paradise, but Dips definitely doesnt want a share.

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