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So after much deliberation and delays, I finally get my offer letter and I hand over my resignation one to BB.
His expression was worth recording. The surprise was evident and well, I guess it was more of a shock for him.

After a long "conversation" with him as to why I want to leave and what he could have done to make my experience here more rewarding, I pat myself on the back saying I am good at logic. For logic it is which made him swallow pride and accept my resignation, in principle. Cuz I dont have the signed letter in my hand, though that shouldnt be a problem.
 So, considering this post, I am leaving in time. 20th September to 23rd February. A rather neat, if short time period, and definitely short of the 6 month critical time period.

Now if only my joining date gets fixed, I will have a little more concrete plan for the coming few weeks.

Even before I embark on the transition period, the time seems just too short. Before I knew it, it was the week of 12th Feb, and soon it will be 24th, the day I leave. There is so much to do, so many loose ends to tie up, so many courtesy calls to be made. And to top it all, it is investment time.

However, things have to happen, and happen they will. If not today, then tomorrow, but surely before D-Day. If only now I had a little more than 24 hours in a day to cram in all the activities!

Joining this new company will again mean a lot of shuffle. For this time round, it is going to be not only a change in cities, but one in industry too. A drastically different culture not only in office but also out of it. And, I will be going tabula rasa on most counts.
Howeer, that is exctly what makes it most interesting.

Leaving the cocoon made by me in Ahmedbad is tough. It is difficult to make a move after being in the simple, comfortable if slightly boring environ here, to a definitely faster pace of life.

In office, blogging may be a definite problem and at home I dont think I will have a computer there. Going to the cafe is expecting a little too much from me. So we shall wait and watch the frequency of my posts, except from LJ2Me I guess.
As I write it, it forces on to me how much of all this is pure conjecture with a high probability of truth.

Meanwhile M and Sashdude also has developments in his life, positive ones after a time. times they seem to be a-changing. For the Greater Good of Humanity I hope. As someone I know says - it should be all for Human Interest.

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15th Feb, 2007 12:44 (UTC)
JM... congrats once again!!
And am glad to see my name being mentioned... the narcissist that I am :)
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