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At a length of 0.5 cm and a thickness of 0.1 cm, the bruise on the inner side of the first phalange of my left hand forefinger is evolving in a more picturesque manner than expected. Remember the bruise caused by the moody bolt of my office?

Well, it initially had a little bump and within 30 minutes of coming into existence it had turned from a bright tomato red to a dark dark red, almost black rather symmetric bump on the side of my finger. For the first day the pain was enough to remind me of its existence. However, the next day onwards a chance glance through the peripheral vision of my optical apparatus made me re-look, thinking it was a mole of sorts.
After that the bump was a nice irregularity on the side of my hand.
Friends suggesed prcking it so the clotted blood would have an outlet and the "bruise" would go. However, I believed it would just become more pinched over time and then seperate from my body like dead cells do.

However, the bump subsided over time. Today the bump has almost subsided to skin level, and has become a beautiful maroon-red. A rather enchanting colour. Especially when held against sunlight.

Now that it has become like any regular bruise, I expect it t go through the usual colour changes of purple, green-yellow and yellow then light brown before vanishing.

I find it rather entertaining to observe the colour changes of bruises. I think that comes from the fact that I bruise often, and the best bet is to enjoy them if you cant avoid them.

perhaps the life cycle of this bruise will be short considering its on the tip of my finger (almost) which is used frequently and has a high blood flow. Let me see.

It would have been fun if they were not so independent and performed small activitied for you. Example, you tell the bruise "Change!" and it changes colours. You tell "Hide" and it vanishes for some time. You say "shift" and you can move it to a different body part. Would have made them so much more interesting I think. However, now they seem to have a mind of their own, and decide where to appear on their personal whims. Sometime even hurt you, and definitely change colours when you are not looking.
Well, at least they provide some entertainment.

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17th Feb, 2007 10:43 (UTC)
..so long as it doesn't develop a life of its own and start talking back! :P
17th Feb, 2007 11:20 (UTC)
Re: Well,
Now that would be one helluva interesting independent living bruise.
17th Feb, 2007 10:58 (UTC)
are you
talking of (c)bruise control? :D
17th Feb, 2007 11:21 (UTC)
Re: are you
nope. of cruise uncontrolled
19th Feb, 2007 18:39 (UTC)
I mean tu hi likh sakti hai iske baare mein!
Ab main aur kya kahoon?

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