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The CMDs son knows I have resigned. My boss doesnt inform people, so in the crucial meeting he informs all and sundry.
The CFO catches hold of me in the lift, and discusses trivial jokes on future plan of action regarding the coming up FY. One cannot correct him, what does one say? Erm, Sir, I have put in my papers and please dont discuss anything with me.?
The marketing guy RJ on informing says out a shocked "Why?!" "No, please dont joke!" "What happened?!"
The other marketing guy JK is pretty speechless. Apart from making jokes and informing others and wondering what will happen to the project(s).
HB the admin/sales assistant is obviously dissapointed and talks about the registan becoming flowerless again ;) in his typical way. Only to realise the other girl was standing beside me and corrects sentence to two flowers.
And then of course, the R&D head being genuinely sad, same going with the patent guy, VS, and of course DV.
RN the HR girl was pretty shocked when invited to my exit interview.
The dispatch and invoiving guy refuses to believe it. He still thinks its a joke.
The girls from the consumer division with whom I barely interacted are shocked and sad.

I have been here 5 months. Five short months, and with no valuable input eitherway (from me to company or vice versa).
I had been given some responsibilities considered pretty important by the organization, and some pretty worthless ones. But I guess the time by which I got the good opportunities it was too late, and the useless ones came too early.

In these five months it is nice to see the impact on so many people. Yes, affections do increase when one parts ways. However, I have seen enough cases of people not caring less even when you leave after more than a year or two. Its touching, though in an un-attached way. A warm feeling but not of sitting at the fireplace, but of watching the sun from another room.

A very short stay here, I wonder how much I will miss it or remember it. Some of the people I will hopefully be in toucvh with, some others I might end up being in touch.

I wonder how many would want to be in touch when they know Ive shifted industries.

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20th Feb, 2007 05:57 (UTC)
Yes JM....it happens...
When I was leaving Hyd, I was quite sad to leave the Managers and the people behind..and so were they :)
Who knows...they may want to be in touch all the more bec u have shifted industries?
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