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Thoughts & language; Ahmedabad

Many of us have been asked the question "In what language do you think?"
I dont think we think in a language per se at all. Thoughts are vague ideas that emerge into the unconsciuous or conscius. These are stimulli which if put into words will be not only vague, but will lack the conciseness of the thought. A 5 secon thought can take more than 5 minutes to be effectively communicated. Like a dream, where you get a feeling, you cannot say whether it was a colourful or black n white dream. Some dreams are even negative images! but the feeling communicated remains indescribable.

Similarly, thoughts are feelings, intuitions, actions. They are languageless till we speak them out.
Sometimes of course, we make a thought concrete before speaking it out, or think of somethign to say in a situation. In such a case the thought has a language.

Aside: Todays Wikipedia Featured Article is on Ahmedabad. interesting. Today is my last day in office and me checking Wikipedia from Ahmedabad.

Also, today is my last day in this company. Finally I say goodbye to it and people in it. :) I gave my "treat" yesterday, and it was sweet that almost everyone self volunteered to give a vote of thanks, not a very usual occurence.
Clearances seem to be almost through too, but one can never tell till the fat lady (in this case me) sings.

sad though, about leaving Ahmedabad. Have spent some of the most important years of my life here, professionally and personally. Have made some friends for life here, and have discovered myself from here. Of and of course, started blogging in earnest from here.

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23rd Feb, 2007 09:49 (UTC)
Well, best of luck then :)
Its a nice place, Ahmedabad :)
So you changing jobs, or moving on to do something else entirely?
23rd Feb, 2007 12:24 (UTC)
..sure look fwd to your blogging from the new place as well!
Here's hoping it won't be as restrictive..
26th Feb, 2007 08:53 (UTC)
so where are you headed foir ?
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