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Such is the state of the todays man, that one does not believe anything. This struck me when during one of the rare discussions with my colleague we were talking of forwads, and I mentioned that the Tsunami forwards were probably fake (a fact confirmed by Rajarex) whereas the forward I had recently got showing excuisitely carved eggshells were probably real. To which his response was,"well Tsunami may be fake, but the eggshells dont seem real to me...u dont know how big they are...these could be compressed snaps!" leading to google search.
Later in the day there was an on-going discussion on a TV program 'Indian idol' to which I said "No, i dont watch it, it is rigged!" Believe it or not, we believe everything is rigged, untrue and not real. unless proven.
Such is the state of all today, that saying the truth is just not 'the thing'. Because not only will you have to defend it, maybe you even will have to prove it, or sussumb and lie. with sites dedicated to showing how so many things in life are hoaxes, with people being sauve and sophisticated and lying through their teeth to make it to a post they would rather be, while they live in conditions quite opposite their potrayal, with fathers allowing their daughters to wear the flimsiest of clothing when they go out and condemn their neighbours for the same, where ...
As I became older, forwards and realities taught me one thing "nothing is what it seems". So forwards where you are supposed to guess the culprit on being shown 2 faces, and one of them being a killer, the other a harmless being, well, you would be corret if you chose the hedious man as the harmless ebing..proving yet again, DO NOT TRUST what things seem.
In school, it was slightly better, you could trust your freinds, but then in college that faith reduced, and in office. Well, you trust your clleagues, you are dead.
From simple hoaxes to so-called hypocrisy, what is the line? where is the line?
The state of affiras is such that, well, one would rather not believe ANYone, than anything. a life of fear and mistrust. A life where being alone is the safest way to live. Some would call this a conspiracy. I would say, if so, then nobody knows who is at the heart of it, if not ourselves. my humor may be a cause of subliminal fear formation in you. and many such 'humor's can cause real fear in you. and thus, a Distrusting human. Why not then should people be angry, fearful, and thus harm society? Why does the society not care about others? For afterall, are these people what they seem? Is my neighbour going to save my skin, help me, be with me once I become embroiled in saving my other neighbour. Will I be taken at face value? WHat if I am the one who gets condemned for saving him? This is what runs in a mind.
I am not blaming the forwards. I am not blaming the creators who made these wonderful deceptions. i am wondering that what was once an exclusivity paid for and attended in hordes, and acclaimed, even as 'magic', is now so common that it is a part of life, thus resulting in a maybe poorer 'quality of life'?
remember the time that 'red' meant danger and thus a red fruit was avoided in nature? Thus poison was avoided. Well, with the present scenario, the following could have happened:
1. The poison will be any fruit including the red ones (there are truths amongst the hoaxes)
2. The eaters would not know which fruit to eat safely, resulting in suspicion and mistrust.
What then, would evolution be like, Mr. Darwin? And what do you do when Prisoners Dilemna is to be played when you dont know who the other prisoner is?

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27th Jan, 2005 18:15 (UTC)
But I've seen the opposite...
..infact I've seen people are willing to believe ANYTHING they see in forwards!!
Bill Gates or someone gonna pay u money for sending mails? (yep, what if it's true?)
Yahoo gonna stop its service unless u 'forward the petition'(sure, no harm in doing it..)
Best of all-a satellite picture of a hurricane off the Florida coast being passed off as a tsunami pic-where anyone with half a brain can make out that it's a hurricane, and the map is of the US coastline-nowhere near the tsunami area.
Whenever I confront the halfwits that send such things out, the reaction is always 'what if it's true?'
People seem to take everything the other way-show them something obvious and they won't believe it, but forward something as an email and they will.
As for the rest-TRUST NO ONE.
Where were u in Paranoia 101?
28th Jan, 2005 05:51 (UTC)
Re: But I've seen the opposite...
that was a point of view in a state of mind. coming back to ur points:
1. ppl believing emails-well they dont know what to believe right? anythign can be true/false. its such a mix that u rather it be either one. some ppl use their brains..u cant expect majority to do so.
2. paranoia 101? no... but well, look at urself. how many ppl do u trust? it was a statement of what i felt true for many ppl.
28th Jan, 2005 19:26 (UTC)
Re: But I've seen the opposite...
What i meant was, 'trust no one' is pretty much a maxim of our times, and one would have to be naive to think otherwise. Me-you're right, I don't trust no one. (And don't go applying no grammar law of the double negative here). Most people don't make the choice, they'd rather you just gave them the pill without caring if it was red or blue.
Paranoia 101=Paranoia class, Semester 1, class 1-or rather, elementary instructions for paranoiacs! :)
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