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Clothing in office

Something i wrote in mail to some ppl a few days ago -------------------------------
imagine an office where men wear not only good clean shirts and polished
shoes, but also ties perfectly knotted (well, almost perfectly) and upto
the adams apple, not to forget the shiny bright cufflinks! (i mean...
cufflinks?) every single day to work. some of the top brass wear coat to
work <I>every single day </i>. i shiver to think of their room
temperatures. because im sure they have special AC apart from the central
(good) air conditioning. i mean, dark suits are OK, but even linen two
layers is a little too impractical for India. bankers are crazy.
now to the women. middle aged ones are wierd. they range from immaculately
dressed sari clad women who are classy (like the economics head), to those
not forgetting their gold and silver eye shadows and small party purse
dangling from the fore-arm. short hair for all, and lots of eye make-up.
oh i mentioned that already, dint i?
the younger women seem the more normal ones. secretaries ill discount.
generally trousers seem to be the trend with maharashtrians at lower level
wearing typical suits. HR women are the wierdest lot. i sit somewhere
where i can see them pretty clearly. apart from spending 50% of the time
talking about clothes and movies and water bottles and makeup, they are
always hassled and harried...if you give them work. dressing? right from
casual knit tops with trousers to salwar kameezes. the PR girl who sits
near me ranges from kurtis with trousers/ jeans to salwar kameezes. there
are some of course in the whole building who conviniently remove their
dupattas from decently fitting salwar kameezes and drape them on their
chairs like coats, for the whole day, while they are away from their

pretty contrasting between the men and women eh? interesting.

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