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Galaxial mouthfull

i ust love lines like this: "supermassive central black holes and large clusters of galaxies at distances of up to 12 billion light-years"
and "many faint sources of relatively high-energy x-rays"

i dont know, its like we are talking of these things which are so huge, we cant fathom the size, and yet we can trivialise it because of our perspective wrt things which are even huger. like an ant telling another ant 
"theres a massive world out there, and that elephant is overweight, but its nothing compared to that rhino whose horn you can see at the corner of the photograph."

Apart from the fact that they are a totally new world of language, and interesting mouthfulls, and definitely unique. the sentences are so simple in language, that a once over and you know what they mean, but a second look can leave you confused. A third however, and your back to clarity.
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