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Names, Eyes and weekend

I have lived long 25 years on this earth, and met more ppl than ten times that (at least). Only once I heard of a lady who shares my first name. And I do know that modifications of this name, with a "o" added here and an "i" added there can make changes to it. the "O" can make it a not so common masculine name and the "i" a common Indian name.
however, I never thought ill meet, or get to know, of a guy who not only uses the same spelling, but also pronounces it the same way. In the same company too. Rather unnerving to hear his name called on phone, apart from the knowledge that someone can actually name their poor male child with this name.

Have you ever noticed how most of these ppl with hooded, calm, laid back eyes tend to be intelligent, usually with numbers, but also with ppl and managing. I think at least 70% cases I have met are like that. Not necessarily nice likeable intelligent nor necessarily sweep off your feet intelligent, but sharp. I mean the hooded heavy lidded eyed ppl, with a sleepy look, on the first glance.

Weekend was good. rather tiring, but good. Shifted into my new house. Rather neat, though some of the repairs are pending, but I had to move in ealry enough from the guest house. HR awoke today about the relocation! stupid woman. I hope they re-imburse properly.

Tomorrow is a holiday - God, I love banks for the Bank holidays. Helps to have nationalist control till so recently I guess. 9 to 8 banking may be new, the old rules still apply! Yippie! 31st is also a holiday. Beat that. We dont work easters either. COnsidering I started the year with around 5 organizational holidays till December...well... need I say more? gives me a feeling its too good to last. I still miss the thought of not working at all at least 2 times a month on Saturdays. Half days are such a farce I think.

I still have to figure out what my lifestyle's gonna be like usually, but things should fall into place soon enough. What else? I had so many things to write about. So many thoughts that had crept in, but I didnt have the scope of pennign them down somewhere. I miss Semagic. And music.

That too will fall in place soon.

Well, since I am rambling now, and I have said what I meant to say immediately, Ill sign off.

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