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Short lived lives

Today I got to know in the morning, that my tropical fish/ guppy died. Before I found out what breed it was, or got it to my place in Bombay.

During my catastrophic stay at the hotel I had kept it in the care of V. However, due to family exigencies she has to keep it at her sisters place, where the maid would look after it. Being the diligent person, she checked on the fish every few days..except the last 2/3 days. Today the maid called her, and told her she thinks its dead.
V went over from office and apparently it was overfed. From the requisite 5 pellets (which it never ate), the bowl top was totally covered with pellets and the water murky. Could be anything from asphyxiation to overfeeding coupled with all the transportation/ relocation shock.

Im wondering what next. I was kinda looking forward to bringing it home tonight. Yes, I had planned to bring Quintalissa home tonight. But then, I guess s/he was predisposed towards death.

A short term with me, cant say a brilliant one, but definitely an exciting one...s/he died before life could become boring. I guess.

PS - I wonder if this tag will now go empty?
Feeling darn guilty. Should have have brought it back earlier.

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29th Mar, 2007 09:21 (UTC)
nanhe's life was like James Dean.. Short and Fast.. in a small time of 4 month, it gave a scare of the life to 3 humans on 4 occassions and i m sure nanhe himself was petrified then.. wfew..i can still feel my heartbeat that day!
Memories of Nanhe will live on.. far longer then its own ideal life expectency...

29th Mar, 2007 09:25 (UTC)
"James Dean James Dean..
You were too fast to live, too young to die, bye-bye "
-Eagles, James Dean

He he, yeah I get your point :) and I like the analogy :D

And youre talking about your heartattack? What about mine? Everytime! :) V is quite tearful...she is the unlucky one not to have a sunny day after the heart attack :)
29th Mar, 2007 09:26 (UTC)
I forgto to log in for my own reply :)
29th Mar, 2007 10:37 (UTC)
Could be worse..
If it were a cat or dog...you'd be devastated. I know, cos i've been there T_T
29th Mar, 2007 12:12 (UTC)
Re: Could be worse..
i know. thats what i was thinking. afterall theres only so much you can interact with a fish inside a bowl.
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