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Last evening V came over with Vip. She was feeling so bad about having lost my fish, she got me a tank with a miniature castle in it, and two fish! A male and a female, tropical fighters just like my last one, but smaller finned, and young. They are pretty too, though the fins are not as long and lustrous, but yeah, its fun to see them chase each other. And by today morning the male had changed its colour to a brillant dark blue while the female is still a pale pinkish-purple with light blue fins. really pretty.

Only trouble is, Ill have to get used to the thought of cleaning up a small tank vs a bowl, and the place I had designated for a bowl will now have to be occupied otherwise, and my till now empty table is now, well occupied :)

Very sweet of her. Slowly I think Ill populate the tank a little.

Their names? Quentin and Alissa of course! :)
Tags: guppy times

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