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Saale gaali deta/i hai? :)

So in Bbay BKC is famous location, not to be confused with BKL.(same goes for Delhi)


WEF is not a typo and in banks it stands for World Economic Forum, I meant, WTF? J

Dabba means the daily tiffin box containing food, not a stupid person/ stupidity…usually.

Chudasama is a surname as is Asshole(y).


I like Hindi in this case.

Not only does it make acronyms rather difficult, it retains the beauty and lyricism of the full phrase. I mean, consider the ending of the song BC Suttah (sister F ciggy). What justice does BC, MC, BC-MC, BC-MC do to the lilting last lines in their glorious full word forms?

Hindi has a single word to define all swear words and swear phrases, without any bones. Gaali. Not only blasphemy and swear words, it also includes indiscreet and impolite sentences. Basically non respectful words and phrases. It takes so many English words to say that,  and just one Hindi word for all that. Gaali. A nice rolling mouthful. The tone signifies the seriousness of the gaali used.

Afterall, a playful Saaley, kutte kameeney! is a nice long mouthful substitute to saying Bastard! (which by itself is nice and succinct when said in the correct tone).

PS - It is to be noted that I dont like gaalis per se. I only like them between friends, when meant in a playful spirit and said in the right tone. Certainly not when one is angry or disrespectful. I especially like them when I say them. :)

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