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General stuff

Its been a while since I posted something here. Its not that there’s nothing I want to share, neither is it that I’m too busy to. Its just that I would start off on one of the millions of ideas in my head and then the whole inspiration would go, I would feel bored and distracted and soon abandon the post. The half-written notepads in my folder are proof of that.

I guess with my being in a new city, my mailing has become stronger than ever, and I bounce off most of my thoughts there.

Some of the things I’ve been meaning to write about over the past month:

a)      Jargons used in companies. The implausibility of the contexts they get used in.

b)     Overrating of work to fill time

c)      The incident of the woman on the street who scared me with her smile and her sudden and loud “Hey!” only to discover she was on phone

d)     The bus journeys and the taxi rides

e)      The movie Eragon (yes, I wanted to write some rubbish on that too)

f)       My vella-ness in life and full-occupancy post office hours

g)     Idle, erratic thoughts that have risen and died in my brain, which I cannot now remember

h)     About how a rolling stone gathers no moss, and how to keep the moss away, and how it is necessary to dust yourself once in a while and reduce traveling baggage


However, I shall now write the one line that I used with a frnd on room/flat mates. You become the closest to these people. Whether you start off loving them or hating them, even if you are neutral to them, over a period of time one find them closer to you than other friends. They are the few people who are there to physically pat you on the back for good or bad.


After all, your room mates are one of the few people who will see you hang your washed underwear (if not wash it). Literally and figuratively.


Yes, I know this is a kinda waste of a post, but something nevertheless. Somebody help me, im going brain dead and lazy.

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19th Apr, 2007 10:49 (UTC)
The "washed underwear" part was too good!!

And good u finally wrote something...even though its both meaningful and useless. I was tired of opening your page everyday and seeing the smae old post..

Haan JM.. i open your page atleast once everyday... unless i am really "Out of Office" :)
20th Apr, 2007 09:31 (UTC)
Re: LOL!!
M, even though it was "both meaningful and useless", at least it made u laugh :D
I try M, I try!
19th Apr, 2007 11:27 (UTC)
i dont
really have anything to comment, am just glad that you finally wrote a blog post after a long while.. :).. about eragon: dabba movie of the year, i read the book, a rip off of tolkien and the movie is useless as well. I agree on the room mates thing, totally, though in a hostel its not just them being greeted with the sight of unwashed/washed underwear :P
20th Apr, 2007 09:34 (UTC)
Re: i dont
Dont feel so possesive about Tolkein. Its like me saying Rowling is a remix of Blyton.
I havent read Eragon, but Fantasy does not end with JRRT.

Dragon riders and linkages between them and dragons, dragon choosing to hatch for a certain rider etc are new enough concepts. And interesting ones.
20th Apr, 2007 09:40 (UTC)
Re: i dont
true but JRRT has too large a hold on the fantasy genre, and theres too much of star wars as well in eragon, the book is much better than the movie. The actors are terrible in the movie..
23rd Apr, 2007 12:11 (UTC)
Re: i dont
All we need now to complete the effect...
...is Galbatorix to declare himself as Eragon's father! :D
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