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"If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn't part of ourselves doesn't disturb us."


Isn’t it true? In so many cases I have found myself totally disinterested in something/ someone because it doesn’t really affect me…as in even if I was interacting with that person on a daily basis, a certain idiotic (and perceived horrid) behavioral aspect would be absolutely immaterial to me. A petty liar can be an irritation, but in a detached manner as can be a person who is a celebrity lover. Incredulous, irritating, but not strong enough to incite hate.


However, it is not only “part of yourself” that you hate, it may be the absence of it thereof that might inspire that feeling. I can sit and hate a person who is a ‘yes man’ because I, till now, cannot do it. I can detest a person who can gab about anything and be full of air. Because though I would like to do it, I might (and well, frankly, will) not do it.

Of course, of someone is very similar, you tend to find that annoying at the back of your mind. An accumulation of such characteristics can cause in your feelings culminating in something similar to hate, though I feel hate is a very strong feeling to be inspired so easily. However, a continuous mirror to self can be irritating enough to inspire a mild form of hatred.

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