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I will Build a Faith

I will build a religion. Someday I will propound it, and Im sure there will be many, many takers.


Some of the dictates will be as follows.

  1. My religion will have a God/ Gods, however, who or how I shall think of when the time comes as per public likes/ dislikes
  2. Truth, of course, will be preferred. However, when unavoidable white lies are allowed.
  3. You will be forced to think. There will be weekly gatherings where you will have to reach by solving a clue game before the religion will be propounded to you.
  4. Mailing, chatting and exchange of interesting articles on a weekly basis will be a must, discussions on some of them will be mandatory on the weekly gatherings.
  5. Working will be permissible for not more than 5 days a week. The holidays will be decided later, they are the days which shall constitute discussions on the forums (refer #3 above)
  6. There will be a festival every month lasting for at least a couple of days each month where everyone is supposed to do one activity they enjoy/ need to do. It may include eating out/ pubbing/ learning something or even lazing at home and reading books(s). The festival shall not on any count co-inside with the designated weekly holidays.
  7. Music will be the standard medium of prayer. An hour is a compulsory daily dose for meditation, more is preferred. Takes you closer to the Lord(s). Rock music, of course, will be preferred.
  8. Everyone will have complimentary access to a library (physical and web-based) by virtue of being a believer of this religion.
  9. The basic dictat of the religion will be
    1. Happy living through peaceful oblivion
    2. Reduction of ill-vibes between people through reduction in bitching (except of course where unavoidable, and not more than once conversation)
    3. Doing instead of cribbing – yeah it’s a pain, but in this religion there has to be some work afterall! One needs to work on ones cribs.


I think that’s enough for now. More later. Getting too many interruptions here.

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21st Apr, 2007 07:50 (UTC)
count me in
as your first follower, i especially like the bit about music and point number 9 and its sub points.. more when u write more..
21st Apr, 2007 07:52 (UTC)
Re: count me in
Thy shalt be done!
May you get what you want.
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