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In todays world of fast communication, it is essential to have multiple contact points.

Gone are the days when you could look forward to a permanent address and abide by it.

Today you have to think “unreachable” as well as “always reachable” at the same time.

Is it any wonder then we all have multiplicites? When every detail of a person can be found by the figurative “click of a button”, it is only natural that we try to hide something from ‘all’.

Hence arise multiple mail ids. When one fails, the other backs you up. When one is blocked, the other might be allowed. When you have too many subscriptions on one, you can read important mails on the other.

So are multiple Chat ids. When you have too long a list of frnds on one, you can log out and shift to focused conversation on the other, with a select list.

Phone numbers have long since ceased to be restricted to land line numbers. Today apart from those, many have more than (even) two hand held mobile phones – One from office, one for Blackberry, one personal, which select ppl know about.


Physical addresses also abound with change of cities and one permanent one, and one office/ school/ college address.


However, it is interesting to note that through all this, we are continually looking for ways to shirk off some contacts, while be in constant touch with others. The select list is always active, always contactable, and considered most important. Not to say the other list is any lesser, but that is a list with whome one prefers sporadic, interrupted communication. The list of people who get to hear familiar phrases like “I was in a meeting”, “Phone is out of reach”, “Did not get access to mail” etc on non-official communications, on a more regular basis (Im not talking of genuine cases)

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