DippyBlogs (dippyblogs) wrote,

Older Day

While looking for an old forward on Spiderman I had posted ages ago, to fwd to a colleague, I chanced to go over my ‘history’ on LJ. As I went back, I saw 2006, then 2005, then 2004. I started in 2004! Seems so long ago, now. I saw some of the comments, including the one in which rexzilla introduces himself. I saw two of my posts.

My style of writing has undergone quite a change, as has the frequency. For one, earlier I was quite a miser with words. I wrote as little as possible, missing out on many obvious words, thereby making the prose short, and, well, interesting. Over time I have definitely become more garrulous on paper perhaps an effect of writing all those corporate mails and definite increase in typing speed.

Also, where I had a flippant, yet grandiose way of writing, I have definitely toned down on that now. The ‘college’ tone of writing has gone, as has the feeling of writing only for myself. As audience increases, so does the tendency to mind ones Ps and Qs a little more. After innumerable jibes on my spellings, for example, I do try and take care of them most time. Since my present way of writing is, well, my present style, it is difficult for me to categorise it. However, I can speak about my older ones.

Well, interesting it is, and sometime I will sit and read my & my frnds’ older posts. Sometime.

Tags: daily, living, memoria

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