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First among many?

I recently read the book ‘First Among Equals’ by Jeffrey Archer (my first JA in so many years). To be precise, I finished it day before evening. The ending was a surprise in the last line, and quite reminded me of his short stories ‘Quiver Full of Arrows’ and ‘A Twist in the Tale’ (both compilations I enjoyed right from my school days).  The book was interesting, with a little bit more of politics than I cared to read about, but I found myself more interested in it than I expected.

What was more interesting however was the read on Wikipedia. You see, being an MP himself (I think he was an MP), I was curious whether the character of Simon  in the book closely resembled his life…to an extent. Instead, what I discovered was that he changed the book ending for Europe and the US as per the market dynamics. i.e. as per what people expected.

<I don’t care about spoilers, as I don’t think ull read it after this post, but here’s a warning anyway>

Whereas in the original script meant for the british audience, Raymond becomes the PM, in the US script, Simon manages the win.

<that is the main spoiler, though the rest of my post will mainly deal with this, so…>

This in itself is quite a surprise, though logically it shouldn’t be. It showcases how the political scenario is a direct reflection of the social structure of a country. The type of person that people would root for and uphold. Simon and Raymond are very different, from different backgrounds and have undergone different events through life. The support they get is from almost mutually exclusive parts of the society. Hence the preference of one candidate over another in two different strata of society is only logical.

However, it is a little unusual to notice that the end of the book is different in the two books.

Not that its rare I think, still, it was kind of surprising.

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