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Boredome redefined

I am bored.

I am so bored that I am actually bored. There is some flux at workplace thereby leaving me with precious little to do, which I therefore am saving for the last moment. So that if need be, I can work on something, albeit short and stupid. I am not part of the clan that believes in finishing work immediately. Sorry.

So I have written hello mails. I have responded to forwards. I have updated my blog and toyed with the idea of writing a book review (which I gave up since im just too bored to do that).

I have had my designated cups of coffee and short chats on phone, as far as permissible in the office environment. I have customized my google webpage, added feeds to my google reader, gone to one of the notebooked sites and read through older content and interesting pages.

I have meandered on the net, looked to Wikipedia for interest and dejected landed onto unknown blogs. I have read through all the old Doordarshan adverts available on the net () and surreptitiously laughed at them…or smiled, and sung along in subdued mental notes.

Thereby I have landed on movie reviews and posts on topics I wouldn’t have cared to read a word about till yesterday. I have forwarded those posts, and read their comments. Thereafter I have forwarded the comments. I have commented on the comments.I have forwarded such mails, and their forwards.

I looked at the phone and my inactive gtalk. I have realized that with the presence flux of ‘higher up’ people around me I cannot read/ use them. I resorted to mails.

And I have more than an hour to spend.

So I start writing this post. At least I will be occupied bored. Though bored, I will be moving fingers.

I have stupid office problems like being unable to open graphic sites (colleagues interest is not flattering), playing music (sound card is disabled), chatting (of course not!), reading web books/ comics, talking on the phone, etc etc.


I am the supreme example of a company squandering its money and wasting me. I cant even value add to myself by being on phone etc.


I am bored.

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