DippyBlogs (dippyblogs) wrote,

Site Update

Irked by misbehavior of LJ nad the lack of formatting I am managing to achieve over the past few days, I decide to re-look at the format. And then I made a colossal mistake. I saw one format, tried an adventure with it, and forgot how bad LJ is with helping a change. Poof! All my hard work on blurbs, my side bar, my carefully chosen colours etc. all gone. I mean, LJ does not even retain the names of the links!! Its all back to defaults now.
Pretty inconvenient
The only positive I can think of is that I have had this format for ages now. This will be a good opportunity for some change. However, going through all that hard work again is intimidating: /
Ah well, change is necessary!
What I don’t especially like is the fct that the whole website changes. The old does not remain in old format. The change should be ‘from this point onwards’ and not ‘for the whole document’. Sigh. Some things of advantage in a Microsoft software which are not yet available on net. Shifting web addresses is not a practical phenomenon at all. And leaving the site as is? Well, I will be uncomfortable with it  So here goes!

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