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City please, not location

Where else will you get an answer like the following.

Guy in cafetaria - Yeah, its bad weather here all the time.
Me: *smile* So, where are you from?
Guy: Borivilli
Me: *a little stunned, then smile*
Guy: Oh, I mean my family has been in Bombay for 4-5 generations now...

They said that Goans think their world ends there. At least its a wonderful place and people there are not high ranked officials with a 'worldwide' view in a bank.

As per Bombay people, the world ends at Bombay. No, sorry, it ends at Vashi (the 'new Bombay') even Thane is not considered part of the city. Borivilli, for your information, is a location in the city...the ambiguous mix of suburbs and actual city, comprising the cumulative mass of the city.

I cant believe I wrote a post on Bombay! I mean, not me!
But then that comment was worthy of mention.

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17th May, 2007 09:47 (UTC)
Can just imagine if the above scene took place in Delhi:
'where r u from?'
'GK 2! or Kalkaji! or Chandni Chowk!'
Ridiculous. And yet it's quite an acceptable answer if heard in Bombay, I suppose. (I refuse to ever call it 'Mumbai' !!!)

That being said..Delhi itself is so vast that one may spend years without seeing large chunks of it. For me, for example, when my old company changed offices to North Delhi, it was totally terra incognita. My world ended at Connaught Place..further north was alien territory :D
18th May, 2007 05:26 (UTC)
Re: Rofl..
Thats but natural. In fact if you are from a city, there are lesser chances of knowing all parts of it, though u might know the place where you stay pretty well.
when you go to a new city, because of insecurity or quest for knowledge, you might end up travelling more though less in depth :)
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