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Wind water

It is very windy today. My office window faces Haji Ali, and the surrounding water is full of white-crested waves, though the sea is so near, usually one cannot hear the pounding of waves – generally because there are no waves, else they are small. Today however, the consistent pounding can be heard. The sea is also not the clear colour, but a mud-infused blue-green. The clouds are few, and picture-perfect, the curly tops flattened out by strong winds, swept away by its merciless force, spread out in the azure-blue sky. Ranging from light grey, to even salmon pink in portions, though they are not deep.
Though the clouds are not many, or thick, it still doesn’t look like a very sunny and hot day, but that again may be the effect of me sitting in freezing temperatures. The split AC vent is directed at this seat, and Im sure if I leave my coffee around for more than 10 mins, it will be frozen.

I want to be out there in the sun and wind, not freeze in front of my computer screen in office.


Meanwhile I leave a chink open in the window hope that the wind will help reduce the effects of the A/C, only to blow away most of my papers – though a less than an inch wide chink.
The winds wails away in me ear, consistently, endlessly, high pitched and sad.
The sea glints away like a sparkling jewel, never at rest, flaunting its fluidity, casting shadows on itself, hiding, revealing, playing. the wind forms a haze in the distance removing from the eye the stark contrast at the horizon, small boats bob around, vying to free themselves from their stout anchors, and join the sea in its freedom, carelessness, gay abandon.
The wind plays truant. makes shapes out of clouds, gives the water its freedom, and whistles away ..sometimes in joy, sometimes eerily, but most times proclaiming its power.

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4th Jun, 2007 12:54 (UTC)
Nice one
rather poetic...
Lucky u, got a window seat! Here one can't tell what time of day it is, buried deep within the office with no windows and tubelight glare all the time...
6th Jun, 2007 08:49 (UTC)
Re: Nice one
Yeah, but the seat is not permanent, i shift next week.

Dint think it would be 'poetic'
6th Jun, 2007 08:49 (UTC)
Re: Nice one
Yeah, but the seat is not permanent, i shift next week.

Dint think it would be 'poetic'
5th Jun, 2007 02:59 (UTC)
is nice
:), i wish i had a window that looked down upon the sea. mine looks down upon a concrete jungle and nary a tree. I especially like the way you describe the wind. :)
if i have to rate posts on a scale of 1 to 5.
this one 4/5.
6th Jun, 2007 08:50 (UTC)
Re: is nice
whoa! thats pretty strong, esp since i personally dint consider it nearing stellar.
but i think its nice from a third person point, thanks!
6th Jun, 2007 08:33 (UTC)
Hmmm.. nice post! with a melancholic undertone.. understandable from ur monday's mood :)
its intersting how our talks and writings reflect ourselves , if one knows what the doer is doing at that time :) he he , rather complicated statement ;)
but really, after ur initial description of sea, i wd just stand at that window and gaze into the infinite distance with a never ending cup of coffee .. weird! while typing that i saw myself gazing at sea from a building with wire framed specks ! bah! i m turning into a oracle or what? he he

6th Jun, 2007 09:07 (UTC)
building with wire framed specs eh? good. and is ur coffee cup attached to a coffee tanker?
11th Jun, 2007 07:50 (UTC)
Was tempted to convert it into a more poetic form (just like "Hope") :)
But it will require a bit of effort because of a few "non poetic" things u have mentioned.
Maybe someday I will do that.
Maybe someday I will also sit near a window facing the sea, and have a genuine reason for not working. :D
Good Post JM.
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