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Meeting Rooms

There are few things that look as gross as mens legs when they are sitting, where trousers have ridden up a bit, and you can see the hairy legs above the socks. Eugh!

as you must have figured, I had the dubious luxury of seeing a shaking leg like that right now. Our meeting rooms are transparent glass, with shaded/glazed glass at the center leaving the top and bottom for clear viewing. So you can see the lights and anyone whose head is higher than 6 ft, and upto the knees of anybody in there. hence that sight. Which also reminds me of other things I have noted in the past.

Other things that I have seen sometimes are impatience. Women in specific seem to play with their shoes a lot, slipping in and out their feet. Especially in the case of sandals or open slippers.
With glass tables I think the tendency to shake legs under tables has reduced. But it still persists.

The funniest is when someone is trying to leave the meeting room, and another is detaining. the shoes can be seen to magnetise towards the exit door, while the other pair remains firmly rooted at a spot. the toes of the former then oscillate between facing the door and the other person.

Sometimes sitting at just one spot and noticing stuff does make for funny observations.

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12th Jun, 2007 13:32 (UTC)
He he he he!!
Your post did remind me of other things though :D
13th Jun, 2007 06:40 (UTC)
ermm... WHAT things?
13th Jun, 2007 03:38 (UTC)
When people delay..
...I sometimes feel like scowling, folding arms, and going tap,tap,tap with one foot, the way cartoon characters do when they catch someone doing something wrong!
13th Jun, 2007 06:41 (UTC)
Re: When people delay..
thats much better!
I feel like shouting "Shut the @#$@ up! LEMME GOOOO!!!"
13th Jun, 2007 06:47 (UTC)
testing commenting
13th Jun, 2007 06:53 (UTC)
Re: test
mmwha ha ha ha !
i can has commenting powerz!!! :D
13th Jun, 2007 07:04 (UTC)
he he
he he , and someone who gets hold of a marker! :) everything they say they will repeat write! :D they just want to get up and write! :)
13th Jun, 2007 09:05 (UTC)
someone says you know while addressing a meeting.. i am tempted to say " i dont" and i always hope to be able to shut everybody up and play a movie on the screen.. :)
13th Jun, 2007 11:26 (UTC)
Re: everytime
LOL... yeah. that i have irrespective of meetings :)
13th Jun, 2007 11:07 (UTC)
and cookies!
:) and meetings where there are cookies! whenever we have a meeting in the board room, i get disconcerted hearing my own sound of munching cookies :)
13th Jun, 2007 12:08 (UTC)
Re: and cookies!
Thats a LOT of comments in one go. yeah, u forgot slurping of tea/ coffee and the cups' replacement on saucers.
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