DippyBlogs (dippyblogs) wrote,

Good for you?

This is something that D has mentioned quite a few times with respect to health food and drinks. I don’t exactly agree in most cases.
Yesterday I explored options to substitute 200ml tetra-packs of milk. I found Soya Milk. In the past I had avoided it like the plague. I decided to try it out at least once.
Today morning I re-read the instructions to note if making coffee with it was an option.
It was. I did.
I paused before opening the pack.
I paused after pouring it out to warm it (it was slightly brownish-pink shaded).
I paused as the smell of the coffee wafted into my nose (could I smell something nutty?).
I sipped.
I gagged.
I wondered if adding more coffee was an option.
It wasn’t.
Nothing could save that disaster.
I could only thank my stars that in Abad providence had taken an interest in me and saved me from buying the 1 litre packs out of curiosity.
I will stick to cow and buffalo milk, thank you. Soy Milk can go take a hike to whichever land it wants.

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