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So I changed my theme of the page again. For the better this time I think. Definitely better than the intermediate one I had got for the past weeks.
Please feel free to leave comments ;)

Also added a link to my photos in Flickr. Of course, the public ones :D I started uploading only recently, and the more interesting ones are later in the pages.
Im wondering now where to transfer my yahoo photos to. I liked the folder concept - that you can share a whole folder by email, thereby keeping it private to a select group who need not have yahoo photos account. I like flickr, but it doesnt have that feature. Does shutterfly? or photobucket?

Boss was not in office today. Hes in Cal. Sigh. I wish my client was in Cal. ;) A free trip home never hurt one!

The weekend was spent in Pune, after that disastrous 'Khichdi'. And I think it quite made up for badness, by making the weekend good!

The weather is good now, but also demands rain gear. Sigh. Office makes you buy umbrellas! Last time I owned an umbrella was in school, in college i never carried one. Abad travel by doorstep to doorstep auto service dint make it a requirement. however, the walk to and from the bus stop here means I would need one.

The expressway to Pune is a beautiful sight. Especially now, with the clouds. Took a lot of snaps, which I will soon share. I have now started recognising the mountains on the way by their shapes. One that I privately call the volcano, another like a thumb sticking out. Another like a plain suddenly decided to rise, and was chopped off mid way.
I will log off now, a break from LJ.

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( 8 comments — Leave a comment )
18th Jun, 2007 13:48 (UTC)
looks decent :) may be because of familiarity, i liked the old style. :)
I think photobucket has the folder sharing option by emails.. infact, i think photobucket has the max no. of sharing options. check out!
Aah. rains are nice if u remove comuting to office!:/ All footwares are soggy after 2 days and u get wet in patches if u use raincoats! :)
18th Jun, 2007 13:52 (UTC)
your photo link is blocked here too! :(
19th Jun, 2007 05:38 (UTC)
Re: and
Thanks! Thought of keeping it cream and yellow, but then thought it was too bland.
Cant do much about flickr being blocked. Im sure other sites will be blocked too.
19th Jun, 2007 00:50 (UTC)
Not a bad layout, though I view everything on my Friends Page anyway. Beautiful photos though; you've got a real eye for capturing the moment!
19th Jun, 2007 05:35 (UTC)
Will upload some more as time goes by. Used Yahoo Photos usually thanks to my lazy nature.
Yeah, most ppl use frnds page or rss feed eitherway ;) Yet, for some and personally, it makes a difference to have a neater page around.
19th Jun, 2007 03:34 (UTC)
Yes. This one is better, infact i like it more than what you had for a long time :)
I am happy to note that my WIP comments have been incorporated.
19th Jun, 2007 05:36 (UTC)
Re: JM
Hehe. See? I removed that mustard yellow also, even though i liked it. I realised i have ended up once again with a blue-mauve theme ;)
19th Jun, 2007 05:41 (UTC)
sober looking layout for dippy :). i usually read the rss feeds and dropped in here to check the look. The mauve is very nice, soothing.
( 8 comments — Leave a comment )

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