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Since I have moved to Mumbai, there have been people coming upto me and asking "So how are you finding Bombay!" in different accents, tones, and gestures. In polite interest, I do not much mind, but people are surprised when I say 'Its just another city'. Well, it is! It is just another city folks! There are certain things here and certain things missing. So, it is a bigger city than many others, but it is not so very distinct from other cities! People stay here, just like anywhere else, and there are quirks.
I will henceforth write somethings about the city, not because it is Bombay, but because I tend to write about things around me, just like I have mentioned Abad once or twice. Its just that by the time I started on this blog, I had already attuned a lot to Abad. With Bombay there is a general comfort in the city, but there are many bugging things, and I will discourse on them from time to time. Please note, it has nothing to do with the city in question being Bombay, I would do the same about Bhubaneshwar. (Why did I choose Bhubaneshwar? I dont know!)
So, brace yourself to hear some stuff occassionally on Mumbai.

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