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The Phoebe Syndrome? Smelly Cat...

Mumbai is a very adventurous city. If you have a strong, or even not-so-stron nose especially.
That basically means everyone.
Around every street corner is a new odour waiting to assial you. Engulf you in its open arms, and make you feel its distinct presence.
[Aside: Reminds me of the beggar in Discworld Series (by Terry Pratchett) whose smell was so strong, it had a personality of its own. Heres a snippet:
There was this to be said about the Smell of Foul Ole Ron, an odour so intense that it took on a personality of its own and fully justified the capital letter: after the initial shock the organs of smell just gave up and shut down, as if no more able to comprehend the thing than an oyster can comprehend the ocean. After some minutes in its presence, wax would trickle out of people's ears and their hair would begin to bleach.
It had developed to such a degree that it now led a semiindependent life of its own, and often went to the theatre by itself, or read small volumes of poetry. Ron was outclassed by his Smell."]

So, when you enter the city, if you happen to take the rail/ road way, with open windows, you will get the first whiff of the city. The waters near Vasai. Suddenly you will have a dull rotting smell waft upto your nostrils, till you find yourself involuntarily looking around for the cause. Its not far away. its the sea over which you are passing.

Every waterbody in Mumbai stinks. And each has its own category of stink. They all have a different Smell. the Canal near my office which opens out to the sea bears black waters. and smells foul.
Even the disinfected water from taps can be found to smell of chlorine.

Every street corner you turn there is an odour of sweating bodies, or that of rotting rubbish. To top it all is the odour of Bombay Duck, which, as has been mentioned many times by many authors, is not a duck, but a variety of fish, sun dried and then cooked and eaten. Why you would want to sun dry fish I dont know, but apparently it is a delicacy here. I never have, and probably will not taste it. The smell keeps me a mile away.

The smells are not extremely overpowering except on occassion, however, the continuous bad odours inhaled by your nose do tend to have a degrading effect on your mind. You yearn for some odourless area. Perfumes on self are also odours, and once you reach home, you breathe-in in relief!
Temporary relief till the next milestone. Your next big adventure on the roads of the city Mumbai.
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