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Some things

You know those people who save every possible file on the desktop? Sometimes they go on an organizing drive, but still keep the files there. they apparently suffer from descoerasuaphobia - fear of erasing shortcuts.
I have seen someone who had so many files, he could not see all of them! They did not fit in one view.

Today's one of 'those' days. the day where I would love to just sleep a wee bit more. Its a dull day. The day where you do not want to work, you cannot find anything to browse and you simply cannot not do anything.
So, even though I wasnt particularly hungry, I went and ate a decent enough lunch.

Considering the dullness, I have to probably travel to some distant location for some evaluation meeting :/ and Im simply not interested. Sigh. To top it all, it will be frightfully expensive, and the money will be blocked for a month or so. Because, thats how long the accounts ppl take to reimburse...minimum! bah!

So last night I saw the much advertised, alleged "Big HIT" movie Cheeni Kum (Low sugar) starring Tabu and the uber-famous Amitabh Bacchan (did I get the surname spelling right?) for lack of  any other watchable/ available movie. I have a distinct feeling that its ripped off from some European/ American romance of a 64 yr old and a 34 yr woman. They act jaded, but seem too enthusiastic to be. Dialogues are decent, but it lacks something, and forget the Bride's father, the concept does not seem too convincing to even the audience. Delhi, as usual looks breathtaking, replete with memories of MBA times. Sigh, its been a long time Ive been there. That city has a flavour and charm of its own. Even though the only bit I saw was South Delhi.
It does have a nice soundtrack though. And you do get tired of tabu's tresses over hear face and all over the screen. Amitabh, thankfully, does not ham too much. Kudos to the director for making him under-play for once.
[Aside: I somehow dont like the way he sits...I dont know, but just sitting with his knees 2 Km apart on a movie screen is kind of irritating! and No One (meaning well groomed person) in real life sits like that, so dont give me balderash about it being natural!]

So anyway, I found this site. To what lengths would you go to have something like Apple? The news of waiting in queue for the iphone simply beats waiting for books! I mean, a phone, for your relative/ frnd/ DONATION???!! a $3000 phone for donation?? Wow. You have that kind of money, I want ppl to donate for me.

So, thats about it for now, I shall now make my way to the far away places of the city!


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28th Jun, 2007 18:00 (UTC)
too many offerings to Bacchus eh? ;)

I modded my desktop to look like Vista-down to the Aero interface and other stuff :D
29th Jun, 2007 05:47 (UTC)
Well, I must admit I'm also getting tired of Bacchan's oh-look-at-me-I'm-an-old-man-but-I'm-still-sexy act. The folks went and watched it, and I thanked my lucky stars I didn't have to watch with them, 'cause I would have died of embarrassment...
As for Delhi, yep, I love this place, despite the rudeness/chaos/blahblah...esp South Delhi :D GK-1 and college. Sighhh...I'm dying to get back. :D
2nd Jul, 2007 06:28 (UTC)
i know one descoerasuaphobic!
my boss! he he , now i will call him by this name next time he jokes with me ;)
Delhi.. Sigh. hmmm.. ah well! its ahmedabad for now. for now! and here its pleasant weather, rain washed streets, no boss in office and okay sort of work :D
Waiting for phone or book reminds me of pre1992 india o_O
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