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Alice on the 4th of July

Wow, traversing through Wikipedia, realised that todays the kind of day that inspired someone eons ago to make the Alice in Wonderland.
The real Alice heard the story today, for the first time ever (or maybe not for the first time since Dodgson apparently had told it to her sisters earlier) in 1862. Gosh! That was So Long Ago!
And to think, the book till date enthralls the reader, not matter what age.

I have always found the controversy make the book more interesting. Not because of the controversy, but because it made me read the book in more ways than just a child/ a grown-up. As a child its a wondrous, frightening fairyland. As an adult, it is cruel satire to real life, but with this twist, you can almost try and imagin what would be the real life story to inspire this chapter, and that. When Dodgson was the friendly guy, when the cruel. How he scared Alice (if at all) and when he was kind to her.

The real story will perhaps never be found, hopefully it is not close to the rumors. However, it does add to the lure of the legendary books, timeless and intriguing.
A book made more interesting than the Wizard of Oz simply by the third angle. Though of course, you can think of the Pink Floyd Connection when talking o fthe latter.

Alice and the Wonderland had stunned, and then continually thralled me in the wild, pulsating, ceaseless adventures caused between them. Of course, it all continued in Through the Looking Glass, but preffered Vol 1 ;)

When I first read the book, I loved the poem A Boat Beneath the Sunny Sky, spelling out Alice's full name by the first letter of every line.

To think, it all apparently started by a fairy tale told to a 10yr old girl more than a century ago, idyllically, on a boat.

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4th Jul, 2007 13:01 (UTC)
just like that?
hmm impressive ! :)
would one remember dates when he did something like telling a story on a boat ride? oh! backward calculation ;)
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