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Talking For Our Generation

It is an oft repeated topic of how bored we (meaning this generation) get, and how easily. I will not claim it untrue, though I will say, it depends on how often you are bombarded with same content.

A decade or so earlier news may have come to you twice a week, so you got bored of it an a month of two. today, if the same news comes twice a day (minimum) we cant really be blamed for getting bored within two weeks! infact, if you do the math, boredom after 16 viewings when compared with boredom against 28 viewings, with a daily dose is actually quite commendable.

Like most people who access the net, I have a number of feeds, and I have some websites I like to visit more often/ regularly. However, I have found that unless the content is widely varying, I take a break from visiting some of them for a couple of days/ weeks. Unless of course they have a wide variety, with innovative content whenever updated.

Another thing found perplexing sometimes is the need to update. It is a direct factor of the "I want more" syndrome of the end reader. However, that does not mean that one has to update even when there is nothing to update upon. It is fine to come up and say 'There is nothing to say today'. Pushing drivel for the reader to read, does reduce the esteem of the writer in the eyes of the reader, and in fact increases the chance of fickleness.

This "I want more" Syndrome apparently is something that this generation has cultivated. I beg to differ. Isnt the human mind forever hungry for more information? Didnt man, since time immemorial spend it trying to learn, read, talk, just to communicate and learn? With avenues available to learn faster and more, it is only natural that the demand also rises, each in their own spheres. For those who like Pulp, they want more pulp, those who want encyclopediac info...well, the net is open to them!

So, boredom and want have definitely been there, and will also be there. The point is just that the attention has increased on these points, and all because of higher avialability, which in itself is a wondrous thing.

Learning is a lifelong process. One can also revisit old things, which one was once bored of, yet not boring anymore. I do not think there is in this world less than enough to learn and then get bored of, by the end of ones lifetime. I may be wrong, but then, I might not.
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