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The Long and Short of Hair

There are some things in life you cannot go back on. Long hair being one of them. YOu start off pretty much by your parents' choice, and from the moment they decide you have to have long hair, you do. Then comes the time that you have the choice of cutting it short.
Contrary to the possible truth, long hair cannot be grown back once its shorn. For one, it becomes a huge task of patience. By the time you have cut your hair, you are comparatively conscious of the thing known as fashion. In which case, you do endeavour to look 'presentable' at most times. Thus, to have raggedly growing hair (which short hair does tends to be if untended) over a period of year/s (you do not get long hair overnight) is something that can try your patience.
Maintenance is another. Short hair. No matter how much you have to style it, you possibly dont have to spend as much on conditioners and hair clips as longer hair dudettes have to. To grow out your hair, you need to enter that cycle of 'when to wash hair', 'which conditioner to buy' and 'how to style it' a little more important, and a little more tedious to get into. Short hair - wash, dry, style. Which style is not necessary, because you can essentially follow only one. The price you pay for this convinience is a more ritualistic and regular trip to the hairdresser, which at the end of the day/ month is OK.
So, among a few things, short hair is easier to keep, and once you get that, its kind of difficult to get to  have long hair. So, even though its physically possible to have long hair once youve cut it short, its almost a one-way process.

Unless you pamper your patience with hair weaving and stuff.

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16th Jul, 2007 10:02 (UTC)
oye :o
does this mean you get a new haircut?
16th Jul, 2007 10:15 (UTC)
Re: oye :o
high hopes! :D no. it means I dont. Because, with almost-long hair like mine, you dont really notice whether it has been cut recently or not ;)
I can buy extra conditioner and not have to bother about a haircut next wk/month.
16th Jul, 2007 15:03 (UTC)
i had short hair till my mom had a say .. par been trying to grow my hair since then.. its true.. the urge to simply chop it off is very strong...
17th Jul, 2007 05:48 (UTC)
all the best! :) try all those 'hair growing oils' and stuff to hasten the process till minimum desired length is achieved!
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