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[LJ2ME] The Gap

Sometimes the gender divide between men and women seems larger and wider than between Man and Animals.
And things show no sign of changing. Not in the near to medium future at least.
And that thought does not help.

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27th Aug, 2007 12:05 (UTC)
Power Shift!
I think its more related to who wields more power. I agree to ur observation and am not arguing abt existence of MCPs ! but i have also seen women in the position of power behaving in the same way.. I think our old proverb fits well - jiski lathi uski bhais. But yeah, to behave similarly, women definitely needs to have more authoritarian power then a corresponding male and that will only change if the number of women in the workplace increase. Given, that with the increase in number, all those women who behave "womenly" change that and behave in a more professional way. ( i am refering to one of your earlier posts / discussions)
28th Aug, 2007 05:12 (UTC)
Re: Power Shift!
Granted. however, this time I wasnt talking about power between men and women. It was more about 'clans'.
There are some things in which men just wont make women a part of. And that creates clans.
Its as simple and wide as shaving, and not having to.
It is vice versa too, but seems lower.

There are more more men in womens 'world' than women in trousers.
27th Aug, 2007 18:10 (UTC)
you are right
unfortunately..it is as true now as ever has been in history
On a related topic, see http://awesome.goodmagazine.com/transparency/006/trans006girlpower.html
Half the world is female, yet there are only 10 country leaders...
28th Aug, 2007 05:13 (UTC)
Re: you are right
Yeah, well, all I can say is, there are at least 5% women around now. More than what you could have said a few years earlier. hopefully it will increase.
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