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One of the earliest forms of knowledge and learning is by questioning. One question would lead to another, as per the pupil's interest and immediate concern area, delving into the teachers mind and knowledge sphere. Sometimes deviating, and sometimes staying right on course for the subject.
The student would learn as much as the intricate pathways of the teachers mind contained, no doubt leaving some parts and overlapping some others, yet in all, filling in as much as the student can be interested in, in all probability, from that source.

This form may have undergone subtle and drastic changes, yet the question-answer format remains the same, even though it may in some parts of the world remain limited to examinations.
Yet, the quality of linking knowledge together by fragile connections have remained unchanged, though at subliminal levels. The question arising in a mind about an event and that leading to a series of discoveries.

One of the tools we have all played at as a child, if not later, is the simple one of the 'Word Search'. Opening a simple dictionary at home, it is simple to link one word to the next, letting natural curiosity take over, looking up even everyday words, the discoveries made may be innocuous or eye-opening. However, they definitely are interesting, and entertaining.

To the modern day web, where one link leads to another, one thought to another discovery, everything on the Net is a true reflection of things as they are, in real life. Only made simpler by the tangibility of it all. The internet is afterall, a smaller, more manageable and more tangible portion of our consciousness than the real large, complex world.

In all cases, one knowledge leads to another. One path to another. Till a person walks on a road willing to explore the alleys and the detours, s/he does not make interesting discoveries, does not learn something new, does not 'Broaden their Horizons'. And to reach the final goal, to pass out of one teacher to anothers care requires a sapping of the present teacher's knowledge. To pass from one link to the next, you need to know the present link's whereabouts in the page.

Knowledge is out there, and it is necessary. To meander is a necessity. To know what is out there in the open, to explore, to find out, is natural and an important part of survival. It is the means by which the final goal is met.

The Final Goal is the point where one can move from one objective to another. From one teacher to the next. From the Little Dictionary to the Large one. from the Intranet to the Internet. From one topic of search to the next. From one life objective to a new one.

We are all part of a large net, each of us exploring pathways finding new roads, new knowledge, new means to reach the end.

Though we may not be aware of the End. The Final Point of our meandering routes.

The key is to find out what that is, and maintain somehow to veer towards it. Like the teacher tries to keep the student on track of the knowledge he wants to impart, so that the answers lead the students to the main question, the question he, the teacher wants to answer. To us there is an intangible teacher - one veering our choices, our motives. The one pointer that can guide us through the maze to emerge at the end, reaching and achieving the goal, but ready and knowledgeable enough to take on the next objective.

Every thought has a history, every action a meaning, a discovery. Sometimes new, sometimes repeated. The key is to remember, the key is to act wisely. The importance lies in sapping the knowledge and moving on soon. Like from one class to another. To dawdle at a stage is needed, and sometimes invariable. Everyone has a stage where they cannot do well in class. The one subject that demands extra attention. That one word in the dictionary that took you off on a tangent. That one page on the internet which made you explore some very interesting but totally irrelevant information. Yet, to return to the home page, and get the initial answer is what we do, finally. How soon that finally comes is upto us. A certain amount of time needs to be spent. There is no use of learning Algebra unless we also think about counting the unknown number of geese in a lake, and there is no utility i knowing the meaning of a single word at a go from the dictionary as there is not much sense in looking at only one page of the internet at one go - unless the goal is near, the objective certain and time essential.

Till then, we can dawdle, not much, but we can dawdle, look around, act like travelers and scavengers, pillagers, collecting crumbs for use in the future, when the knowledge is required, to use it immediately, be ready. To save the time there. For every bit learnt is a little more prepared, a little more towards developing your Self.

Inching towards the Final Goal, which even if not recognised by us, exists.

The Final Goal, the reason for our next goal, perhaps, the very Reason, of our Existence.

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29th Aug, 2007 12:03 (UTC)

It seems quite philosophical…

The idea came to u while surfing the net?
29th Aug, 2007 12:04 (UTC)
No. while looking up a word meaning on a dictionary. Started off thinking of writing just about the linking nature of things, and it took a different turn somewhere along the way.
29th Aug, 2007 12:25 (UTC)
You sound like Goldratt..
...with the talk of 'the goal' :D.
I think you've hit upon why our education system spoils things. Learning is possible when one freely follows these neural paths, and is free to question and ponder. With our system, it's like the path is cut out for you and you have to just follow it. Woe betide anyone who goes off the beaten track..

The other extreme, like with me-is meandering for its own sake with no goal in sight. Or maybe making up the goal as one goes along and letting it shift and slide!
30th Aug, 2007 05:05 (UTC)
Re: You sound like Goldratt..
How did you even remember Goldratt!! ^^
Yeah thats a problem - fixed teaching paths - like I mentioned.

And about you meandering. Thats what I tried to say - we all meander, and have some idea (or rather most times have no idea) but eventually it is for a definite goal, which we may have not yet discovered. But the end point is there certainly. We just have to know what it is.
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