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Everyone has a stage of narcissism. Its engaging, interesting and good to realise one's self worth once in a while. Unfortunately, for some, it lasts a life-time.

The other day I was talking to a friend, and we were comparing our younger siblings - aka our sisters who happen to be of the same age group, though the relationship between the sisters are different. For one it was same-parent sister and for another a cousin-sister. However far or distant, sisters are sisters, especially when a decade younger. Talking about the care taken by them in dressing up (compared to our times - jeez! - any little amount is HUGE), the retort was - arent they all? in that age group. Look at her frnds.
Of course! it seems like the style revolution has finally hit India, at least Indian teenagers. The race to look good, like models, actresses and always 'tip-top' has hit the fashion conscious, media-exposed, growing generation of a liberalised India.
I have heard of 'International' women of developed worlds 'taking care' of themselves. Well, my dear male frnds, the day is not far when you will have ample 'well kept' Indian women. Just dont expect us old-timers to change too much now, will you? We are too used to being frumpy.

So yet again I change my location in the office, close to my second last location, but opposite to that seat. This time overseen (or rather ordered) by the MD of the company himself.
However, the main point is that the person sitting on my right now is the head of the Information security system of the company. Hm. Hopefully that will not throw many spokes into my internet wheels or my phone data cable. That truly will be disturbing.

When I saw today's Lila, I smiled. When I looked out of my door at a secretary, I looked at her stunned, and laughed. She had the same hairdo, for the day (come to thnk of it, her hair is like Lila's on a normal day). Though of course, Lila is too thin for the comfortably plump lady seated here.
Co-incidences. They always happen after you have noticed an even/ fact. It is interesting. There can be two reasons for this:
a) there is so much of that data suddenly permeating everything (maybe mainly because of media - who always harp on the same topic in different ways no matter how independent of each other) that you have no choice but to notice it at one point, and then notice it all around you
b) [and this is the more entertaining thought] that once you notice something, you keep your eyes open for it in your enhanced consciousness, where you might have missed it earlier, and somehow, conspire in your subconscious that it appears in most places. In other words, the "universe conspires" for you.

To take an example, the other day I spoke to a frnd about the famous words of Glenn of The Eagles "For the record we never broke up. We just had a 14-yr vacation" and how that immortalised the song 'Tequila Sunrise' for me. Okay, nothing great, but a reminder of a sentence lost in my mind, overlapped by so many other songs, yet definitely there, prompting me to choose the song Tequila Sunrise over Hotel California when faced with the choice between many Eagles songs (yet dont ask me the words, Im lost after the first line, which is good, but the rest of the lyrics are standard Eagles lovesick fare. Missable. Totally. HC anyday for that. Can rattle that off better than any History facts I have ever rattled off in my life - which, come to think of it, never did amount to much). So anyway, I meander.
What I meant was, on that mention, eagles resurfaced in my memory, and an article today about their new album may not have made much of an impact to me otherwise.
The other way this can be said of course is a more romanticised version. The Universe, of course, conspired that I be made re-aware of Eagles just as the news of their new album was poured into the media world. that perhaps someone heard of it earlier, and as a casual reference the word spread till it finally reached my casual conversation, just in time for me to notice the news item.
Call it information flow, or, be a little more innovative, and call it how the Universe makes sure you become aware of certain things and find yourself surrounded by it. How it predicts your need for something makes sure you are aware of it just in time.
The Universe, afterall, does not believe in Ignorance being Bliss.

(Though undisputedly it may be. You dont want to know that you are the bottom scraper in terms of salary in your company)

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31st Aug, 2007 07:53 (UTC)
..title! He he , its proactive title rather than a more common one which would have been, Universe Conspires to take care of ya!
Weel, one knows that WSGMM does conspires but one also has to conspire so that there is a tuning with the univ so its conspiracy happens in such a way that u are taken care off! ;)

hey! but i must make a point here! the above discussion drifts in a tangent which will force us to clarify our stand. As per the theories, Universe always conspires against but due to WSGMM, in the end the organisms are taken care off!
31st Aug, 2007 08:38 (UTC)
Re: Interesting..
no, the universe does not conspire against you. whole sort of general mish-mash is only an outcome of universe's plan.
remember Alchemist.

and yeah, the title is the point i meant to make finally :)
31st Aug, 2007 12:15 (UTC)
Re: Interesting..
he he, your mention of Alchemist took me back to HHGG and its all 5 volumes to re-read WSOGMM!
And, now I am planning a re reading of the book ( all 5 parts) ! amazingly well written! and guess what? I got a full index of H2G2 series! Awesome!

this page in firefox with the later's find function is an awesome tool! (ebooks i can supply you ;) )
31st Aug, 2007 11:41 (UTC)
Agree. It happens with me all the time. There is a conspiracy that before your environment is flooded with reference to a specific news item / phrase, you will be made aware of it in some way or the other.

Ref: our discussion.. he he he!
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