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August Company

Today as I enter September,I find another reason why August is an important month. I shall enumerate some of the important aspects of the day herewith.

Well, the name itself for one. Which other month has as meaningful a name? It was a month named after Augustus.
Friendship day for another. (Dont say anything. Im just stating some facts here)
August 3-5th was celebration related to one of my favorite authors - Terry Pratchett.
The Edinburgh Festival
The National Immunization awareness month
Language month in Philippines
Sturgis motorcycle Week is held in this prestigious month

Coming closer home, August is the month that India officially became Independent of the British colonial rule, so did Pakistan (naturally some may say).

August is also the month the world saw an exceptional human being born into the world. Me.
They just have not yet added the information on Wikipedia, but there are some of the days highlights mentioned.

So most of the links I have given here are from Wikipedia. But, hey! At least i tried loosely to follow the last event of August! The International Blog Day.

at least you will have learnt something.
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