DippyBlogs (dippyblogs) wrote,


The information security head sitting next to me is having a telecon with his team members.
Things to look out for soon:
a) Cd burning software to be removed (im safe. no CD drive!)
b) All users with Admin rights, admin rights to be revoked. EEEKKK!!! Thats ME!
c) All ports to be blocked. No phone to be connected via usb. only mouse and keyboard to be allowed.

All downloads, uploads and any other data transfer including external usage to be monitored. ouch!

OK. Update to (c) only contact & calendar synchronisation to be allowed on phone. how they will manage to monitor it, I dont know. But this bodes ill :(

This means Ill have to sit and clean my comp one day, and no more dloading music n transferring same in office to phone.

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