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The information security head sitting next to me is having a telecon with his team members.
Things to look out for soon:
a) Cd burning software to be removed (im safe. no CD drive!)
b) All users with Admin rights, admin rights to be revoked. EEEKKK!!! Thats ME!
c) All ports to be blocked. No phone to be connected via usb. only mouse and keyboard to be allowed.

All downloads, uploads and any other data transfer including external usage to be monitored. ouch!

OK. Update to (c) only contact & calendar synchronisation to be allowed on phone. how they will manage to monitor it, I dont know. But this bodes ill :(

This means Ill have to sit and clean my comp one day, and no more dloading music n transferring same in office to phone.

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5th Sep, 2007 07:39 (UTC)
Welcome to the nightmarish workplace.. I have been living in this deprived manner at office for months now. What any company gains by destroying our privileges i fail to fathom.....
5th Sep, 2007 08:52 (UTC)
Re: :(
Most of these measures are justified as 'cost cutting'. Easy to do when your whole business model is based on pimping work out at a lower rate than the market over there, and hence everything depends on your operating margin.

I've been used to the laidback workplace all my life-which is why i totally got suffocated in the last place I was..certain other events that you all know about ensured that I'd leave permanently.
5th Sep, 2007 09:37 (UTC)
Re: :(
I dont mind companies cutting access to offensive material, or preventing outflow of sensitive information. But i certainly do have a problem with playing with my privileges, after all i am being paid to work, if i dont have the luxury to gather other information or relax or socialize a bit with the online populace, its pretty stupid.
As to monitoring sites and snooping is concerned, its plain idiotic and moronic, not to mention invasive.
5th Sep, 2007 09:21 (UTC)
Re: :(
i know. have been there earlier, but here i had built all this up over a period of time....
now in one gesture it might all go. hope not!
5th Sep, 2007 08:36 (UTC)
You don't really need admin rights for certain things..some software for eg, come as zip files; just extract and run(no need to install). Firefox also has zipped builds.

There's a registry hack that disables the USB port for removable drives, you just need to undo the damage :D
I'll tell u about it sometime.(Unless of course they disable it in the BIOS and password protect it :( )
I'm guessing s/he saw you and was inspired to do this. Maybe u could convince him that you're not a representative sample of the average employee there!!

Worst comes to worst, you'll have to make friends with the sys admin folks(which i bet you already are :D )
5th Sep, 2007 09:20 (UTC)
Re: Hmm..
I swear I dint use anything in front of him! i swear I swear!

and its being done to comply to security measures required by international banking standards. remember the IT security in the pharma R&D? similar thing.
would love to know of disablers :D
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